{VIDEO} Reduce EMF Exposure In Your Home

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Chaotic electromagnetic frequencies or EMF–called electrosmog in Europe–affect not just the human brain, but all our cells. And children are especially vulnerable.

These chaotic frequencies are coming from your microwave oven, but also your cell phone, computer, and other devices–and especially Wi-Fi.

I’ve just released a special video masterclass I made with “Dr. EMF,” my friend Dr. Libby Darnell. We planned this together, and she flew from Chicago to my home in Utah.

Reduce EMF in your environment! Robyn Openshaw and Libby Darnell test Robyn's Tesla for EMF.
Robyn Openshaw and “Dr. EMF,” Libby Darnell testing Robyn’s Tesla for EMF

She tested my battery-powered car, my son’s gaming systems, our outlets, the electric company’s meter, our wi-fi, the lightbulbs, the appliances, our distance from the cell tower, and more–to find and reduce EMF pollution.

And in 10 short instructional videos, we’ve shared everything she knows, plus 9 practical demos–for how to find and clean up the harmful invisible pollution in your own house, and office.

Dr. Joseph Mercola recently said that we will look back in 20 years and recognize that the levels of EMF in 2017 were more destructive to our health than indoor smoking was!

We’ll show you every tip we know–most of them are free or super cheap–to solve the problem once and for all, and reduce EMF exposure in YOUR home!

You’re going to feel empowered, and happier and healthier overall, with your own energy fields not constantly fighting low-grade radiation.

So don’t miss our launch of the EMF Solution Video Masterclass while it’s 80% off!

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