Vitamix 750 vs 5200: Is It Really An Improvement?

Vitamix 750 vs 5200: Is It Really An Improvement?

In a battle of the Vitamix 750 vs 5200, is there really a difference? Or is this just a marketing tool designed to get you to buy the latest model of essentially the same product?

Many people own the Vitamix 5200 and have been using it for years with complete satisfaction. So why get a new one?

Well, when you test the two in a side by side comparison, you really see the difference.

You’ll see in the video above how the two fare in the dreaded “Apple Test”.

A whole, unpeeled apple is placed in both blenders, and the first round is in fact a bit comical.

The Vitamix 5200 put the apple in the middle and then just kept it in place on the spinning blades. Basically, it just peeled the bottom! I know you could and should use the tamper in this instance. But for pure experimental purposes, this is a very interesting and revealing result.

The Vitamix 750 Professional pulverised that apple without any need of assistance. Winner Round 1: the Vitamix 750.

In Round 2, when the apples were cut, the Vitamix 750 outperformed the 5200 visibly in the strainer test.

The Vitamix 750 left almost nothing behind, whereas the 5200 left behind enough pulp to make a single serving of applesauce!

So, in the Vitamix 750 vs 5200 battle, the Vitamix 750 is the clear winner.

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  • sujurean says:

    alternate title for this video “Peel your fruit, Easy! With the Vitamix

  • kgv1997km3000 says:

    Thank you so much for this video! This finally convinced me to purchase the
    750 instead of the 5200! Worth the extra price! Thanks! 

  • GENOMCHAOS says:

    When I saw this test, I said sure it blended better. But the test from my
    eyes, was more of seeing it as the blender as a juicer vs a smoothie maker.
    So personally, I think it just depends on whether you like your smoothies
    juiced or thicker. I guess it depends on what your application is of the

  • ghostaliaz says:

    Great Vitamix Blend Comparison. Thanks for sharing.

  • Robert B says:

    I liked how you poured both through a strainer then proceeded to push the
    apple through with a rubber spatula and just left a little bit in for the

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