Awesome Blender Battle: Vitamix 750 Blender vs. Ninja Mega Kitchen System

Awesome Blender Battle: Vitamix 750 Blender vs. Ninja Mega Kitchen System

The Vitamix 750 Blender is an industry leader, but it is expensive and has a lot of challengers.

One of them is the Ninja blender. It has the same horsepower as the vitamix, but costs half the price. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Well, as you may have guessed, the Ninja’s claim to be just as good as the Vitamix doesn’t fully hold true.

Design wise, the Vitamix is generally easier, sturdier and more convenient. This is important because once you pay so much for a blender, you don’t want it to seem like a chore to use it. That means you’ll eventually end up not using it.

The Ninja is also less versatile than the Vitamix in terms of blending speeds.

The Vita mix 750, too uses metal gears as opposed to the Ninja’s which uses plastic. Down to the blades and the cords, you can see that the Vitamix uses much higher quality material. It is notable, too, that the Vitamix is made in the US, with 70 percent of its parts also manufactured in the US. The Ninja is made in China.

When it comes down to the green smoothie challenge, the Vitamix definitely comes out on top. The drink is blended much more smoothly much more quickly in the Vitamix 750 Blender than the Ninja.

With regard to the soup, as well, the Vitamix also wins hands down. The Vitamix soup was far smoother and was even heated up by the friction of the blades. Impressive. The Ninja fell flat again.

All in all, even though the Ninja has the same horsepower as the Vitamix, the Vitamix 750 Blender more than adequately fended off this challenger.

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  • K9Jeeper says:

    The newest 1500 Ninja includes two single serving cups for making smoothies. I use mine every single day and love it.

  • K9Jeeper says:

    Yeah and everything at William Sonoma is over-priced and can be found cheaper elsewhere.

  • ayrjet says:

    Excellent and intelligent review. I especially appreciate your discussion of the need to remove the (sharp) blade assembly and the extensive use of plastics on the Ninja. Thank you!

  • probablynotsatanic66 says:

    People are complaining that the Ninja is way cheaper than the Vitamix, so you can’t compare the two. Well, the Ninja attacked first with their stupid infomercials and the “It performs just as well as blenders twice the price” claim. Don’t blame anyone if you challenge a professional fighter to a fight then get your ass kicked.

  • bigdadee1 says:

    I saw the Ninja in the store today and wondered how well it worked. Then I saw your video and decided to check it out. Excellent presentation my man. I learned never to mess with a Ninja.

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