Super Easy Vita Mix 750 Almond Milk Recipe

Super Easy Vita Mix 750 Almond Milk Recipe

If you are looking for a Vitamix 750 Almond Milk Recipe, you couldn’t find a simpler one than here.

1 cup of raw almond, 3 cups of water, blend for 1 min using Vitamix 750 soak raw almond overnight before blending.

I remember when I first realised how easy it was to make almond milk. I just couldn’t believe it.

You just soak your almonds, put it in the blender, then pour and strain. That’s it!

And to think how much almond milk costs on the shelves, it is truly mind blowing.

This video shows you how to make the milk from start to finish. And they show you the whole minute of blending. It sounds like a short time when you say it, but when you blend for one full minute, it can be longer than you think.

Let me tell you, though. The results are amazing. A freshly blended glass of almond milk is really amazingly smooth and creamy.

Try it out. It’s super easy!

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  • TheMeezer22 says:

    Thanks for the video. I was trying to see if I needed to remove the skin
    after the almond was soaked as directed in another recipe. You confirmed
    that I don’t have to. I like to drink chocolate milk. Have you tried it
    with something like Nestlee’s chocolate powder mix? If so, did you find
    you needed to still add vanilla or sweetener to the milk itself?

    • AJ Neal says:

      I don’t need to add sweetener to it if the chocolate powder mix already has sugar in it. I just love just-made almond milk. It may even beat cow’s milk.

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