Review of the Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender: Does It Beat The Blendtec?

Review of the Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender: Does It Beat The Blendtec?

Vitamix Professional Series 750 reviews are usually excellent, except when a direct competitor, like in Blendtec reviews, makes claims against them.



In this Vitamix review showdown, the two blenders are compared side by side in their various functions to see which one is the best blender.

The Blendtec has made an issue about its container design. However, you can only use it halfway, or else the lid will fly off.

The Vitamix 750 blender, however, can be filled right up to the top without any problem.

As regards its power for making green smoothies, the Vitamix juicer has the edge here, too. However, Blendtec does a good job, but it can’t handle dates as well as the Vitamix blender can.

One great innovation of the Blendtec, however, is having a responsive touch screen control. It probably doesn’t work as well as the manual dial of the Vitamix 750 juicer, but it looks really good and has an iPhone sort of feel. The Blendtec also has a timer countdown feature which gives you more information about your blending than the Vitamix Pro 750, so that is another plus for them.


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The Vitamix 750, however, has a kill switch in case the controls stop working. This is a great feature which the Blendtec blender doesn’t have.

When it comes to the green smoothie test, the Vitamix juicer not only blended the ingredients more smoothly, the machine was much more stable on the counter, and inside the container, the ingredients did not splash around as much compared to the Blendtec blender.

With regard to the frozen dessert / ice cream test, what was demonstrated there was how useful the “plunger” or “tamper” is in the Vitamix 750. The Blendtec ads say that you don’t need one, especially with its square container design. Maybe that might be true for smoothies. But certainly not for frozen desserts. The Vitamix’s plunger/tamper really would have helped. It enhances the performance.

All in all, although both are excellent machines, our Vitamix 750 review concludes that it is the superior blender. We, therefore, say buy Vitamix Professional Series 750.



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Vitamix 750 Best Price


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  • May Batista says:

    Wow! This was an excellent review!! Thanks for taking the time and doing this 🙂

  • Mike Burgeson says:

    Can you send me your special offer too? I am in the market for a good juicer/blender. I liked your video.

  • Henry PJ says:

    Wow, I definitely appreciate your kind words and you’re very welcome. Thank you as well for serving our country!

  • Henry PJ says:

    Hi Kayla, no specific ice cream recipe was used for either machine. The idea of the ice cream segment was to show how useful a tamper can be. Blendtec advertises they don’t need a tamper but they really do. The most effective way to make ice cream is to use frozen ingredients otherwise you end up with a thick slush rather than thick ready-to-eat ice cream as shown in my video. The Blendtec in my video is their latest top of the line model in retail stores.

  • Kayla Perrin says:

    Re the ice cream, I think it’s important to follow the directions properly. I saw the Blendtec ice cream demo at a Costco, and it came out perfectly…but water was used, with fresh fruits, and ice. So that may be the best way to make ice cream with that machine. Also, it appears the one at Costco was a different model…I believe their best model. That one broke down everything smoothly.

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