Can A Sauna Help You Live Longer?

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Woman relaxing in a sauna

In Scandinavia, saunas have been used for centuries to promote wellness, and it turns out that the Russians and Finns may have understood something the rest of us didn’t.

Saunas are historically small rooms used as hot-air or steam baths, or, an exciting modern variation with many additional health benefits, an infrared sauna uses penetrating healing rays to heat not just the skin, but organs and tissues as well.

A growing body of evidence shows them to be a powerful force for health that can trigger our body’s healing and anti-aging mechanisms, as well as fight feelings of anxiety and depression.

How could a hot room do that? The way saunas benefit the body is a pretty amazing process.

Beneficial Stress

Most folks think of stress as an absolute negative, but there is such a thing as good stress, or “hormesis.” Exercise is a good example of that: we get our hearts pounding, we raise our blood pressure, we create micro-tears in our muscles, and eventually, we rebuild and get stronger. It’s a short-term stressor that does us good.

Another example of helpful stressors are the body exposed to toxins or bacteria triggers an immune response, which creates a “memory” and an organization of factors that make your immune system stronger against future threats.

Heat can be the same way, causing a “healthy” type of stress on the body, and controlled exposure to high heat like in a sauna can have a host of health benefits.

The Science of  the Sauna

While sitting in the sauna, your body releases endorphins as well as a brain... Read More »

{VIDEO} How to “ground” and “charge” for HIGH ENERGY every day!

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some significant info about smoothies which I ran across over the internet that you might want to look at

How to “ground” and “charge” for HIGH ENERGY every day!

We all want more peace, creativity, and joy. Towards that end, we could be mindful of when we’re soaked in dirty energies.

Learning how to “discharge” negative energies, as well as how to “charge” your human battery, can make a massive difference in how you feel.

You may have never thought of yourself as an electrical being before, but now is a good time to start. Because you are. You are surrounded by, and made up of, several force fields:

  • electrical,
  • magnetic,
  • electromagnetic,
  • and others whose effects are measurable, but are not fully understood by science.

Understanding this truth will be powerful for your health, but also your overall sense of well-being! My new book, Vibe, explains how going outside and doing a “Five-in-One Vibe-Raising” video, can dramatically improve how you feel, in just a few minutes.

That concept might sound strange and theoretical. You might wonder if the idea of decreasing chaotic frequencies in your energy field is even legitimate.

Actually, the whole field of quantum physics, and quantum biology, has been leading to this moment in time: when human beings understand themselves as energies. And begin to respect our energetic states, and protect them.

It was the early 1940’s when Albert Einstein said, “Everything in life is vibration.

The truth is, when you go through the TSA scanner, or you carry a personal device with Wi-Fi on, or you spend 20 minutes with a negative person…

…you’ll actually have a lot of unpaired electrons you need to discharge, as a result.

How to “ground” and “charge” for HIGH ENERGY... <a
                                href=Read More »

Sexual Energetics: The Most Powerful Force Field in the Universe

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This is some cool facts about making smoothies which I ran across through the web that you might want to take a look at

Sexual Energetics: The Most Powerful Force Field in the Universe

It’s not about technique. It’s not about size. It’s not even about types of orgasm.

It’s about vibe.

Sex isn’t the main subject of my new book, Vibe. But it is the subject of one important chapter. About the most powerful force field in the Universe.

You can’t talk about health and happiness without eventually talking about sex.

You can’t talk about your sexual connection with another human being without talking about your energetic frequency match, or resonant connection. Or vibe.

Nikola Tesla quoteThe book explores why Albert Einstein said, “Everything in life is vibration,” and why Nikola Tesla later said, “If you want the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

Did you know that a substance of a higher frequency can cause a substance of a lower frequency to increase—which means that what you’re eating, and what you’re medicating with, and who you’re spending your time with, are powerful in helping you live a high-vibration life.

We talk about how like attracts like, and how significant this is, for who you’re attracting.

What you do to “metabolize” your emotions is important. Some simple daily habits can help you both “ground” your energetic frequencies, as well as “charge” them when you need that.

Many people report that their sex lives are unsatisfying, and usually the conversation, when they seek help, is around dysfunction, stamina, or communication issues in the relationship.

My former career was as a sex therapist. And in the graduate schools of America, no... Read More »

13 Top Raw Almonds Nutrition Benefits (And How To Get Truly Raw Almonds)

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Raw Almonds in a tree

Got your eye on raw almonds in this year’s Group Buy?  The most potent nutrition benefits and best taste come from truly raw almonds. But unless you have a direct connection to an almond trees grower (and we do!), truly raw almonds are impossible to buy because of regulations that require pasteurization and fumigation of any quantity over 100 pounds.

Why does it matter if almonds are “truly raw”?

California has forced almond growers to pasteurize all their nuts above 130 degrees. This steam process not only blunts the almond flavor, it also kills enzymes, which are destroyed at 118-120 degrees.

Soaking and sprouting raw almonds
When you soak raw almonds for 12-24 hours, they germinate and become a living superfood.

But since there is no legal definition of “raw” when it comes to food, retailers can sell pasteurized almonds and still call them “raw almonds,” because they aren’t roasted, not because they are actually raw!

You want truly raw almonds for their superior taste, live enzymes, and so you can soak and sprout them. Pasteurized almonds are “dead” and won’t sprout!

Why should you soak and sprout raw almonds?

When you soak raw almonds for 12-24 hours, they germinate and become a living superfood. These amazing health benefits happen when you sprout almonds:

  1. Enzymes multiply. The water signals to the almond (which is actually a seed rather than a nut) that it is time to grow.  To grow, seeds have to turn... Read More »

What Are Probiotics Benefits? 11 Signs You’re Deficient And What To Do About It

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Allow me to share some brilliant facts about making smoothies which I found on the web for you to look through

Probiotics Benefits

Hippocrates is famous for saying, “All disease begins in the gut.”

2500 years later, science is proving how right he was. Thousands of studies link an unhealthy gastrointestinal tract to an increasing number of physical and mental diseases, including diabetes, depression, and even Parkinsons’ disease and cancer.

We’re learning that a healthy balance of “good” gut bacteria relative to the bad ones is critical to well being in more ways than we’ve ever known. And key to that balance is the role of probiotics.

I’ve got a huge list of reasons why you need to get more probiotics in your diet. Probiotics benefits can be life-changing for people who have been suffering for years–you’ll be surprised at the range of symptoms due to a simple lack of enough (or the right kind) of probiotics!

But first, a recap of what probiotics are and what they do.

What Are Probiotics?

good gut bacteria
A healthy adult human should be host to 3-5 pounds of these microbes–at least 70 trillion of these “good guys!”

Probiotics are the “good” or “friendly” bacteria in the GI tract that are markers for good digestive health. A healthy adult human should be host to 3-5 pounds of these microbes–at least 70 trillion of these “good guys!”  That’s more bacterial cells in the host than actual DNA-containing cells!

Probiotics are vital to support the immune system, brain and mood function, and absorption of food and nutrients. They control inflammation, trigger hormone production, and remove waste.

One of my heroes, Dr. Bernard Jensen,... Read More »

Easy Falafel with Tahini Sauce [Vegan]

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I hope you found it was as cool as I thought it was

Sweet Potato & Spinach Paleo Ball Recipe

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The Beginner’s Guide to a Plant-based Diet

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A plant-based diet is all about celebrating and enjoying the foods that naturally fuel our bodies and are minimally processed.  At Simple Green Smoothies, we consume a lot of fruit and vegetable recipes, and I thought it was time we shared the “why” behind this. To me, eating more plants is what gives me the energy and strength to thrive. I used to be so exhausted and felt trapped in a body that didn’t allow me to do the things I wanted to— but that’s all in the past because of a plant-based diet. Yet I don't use the term in a confined way– it's really the foundation I build my diet upon to make sure I'm getting enough nutrients to thrive.


Plant-based di•et:: (noun) A way of eating that is built upon the basic principle that we should embrace plants, such as fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, whole grains; and limit the amount of meat, dairy, eggs and nutrient-poor foods (like bleached flour and refined sugar).


If your foundation is plants and you’re building on top of that— you’re embracing a plant-based lifestyle in my book.

It’s that simple and I like to keep things that way. Yet not every plant-based diet is the same. You have the opportunity to make it your lifestyle and adjust it as you see fit. The bottom line is— make plants the foundation and a huge part of what you eat every single day.

I’m sure you’ve heard of vegetarians and vegans, but do lacto-ovo vegetarians or pescotarians sound familiar? I didn't recognize them. The fact is, everybody’s body is a little different. Finding what works for you and... Read More »

Recipe to Prevent Colds: Almond Peach Blueberry Smoothie

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Let me share some wonderful facts about smoothies which I came across over the internet you ought to look over

Love the fuzz. Peaches are jam-packed with vitamin C, a vitamin that helps you prevent colds.  Vitamin C protects you from catching the cold that's been going around the office, and keeps your skin glowing while you’re doing it. Peaches share similar benefits with its close cousin, nectarines. I’m sure you’ve noticed the family resemblance.

While peaches and nectarines can replace each other in a recipe, one of these yummy fruits is better than the other. Both are considered a “stone fruit” because of the single large seed in the center. They are considered equally nutritious. They look identical, until the velvety skin of the peach gives it away. So what gives? Why eat peaches?

The subtle difference between peaches and nectarines stems from one genetic gene. This gene determines what type of skin the fruit will have. It makes peaches fuzzy and the skin of nectarines smooth.

Whether you’ve been blending with us for a while or you’re just starting, you’ll notice we use peaches more frequently in our recipes. This is because, though the fruits provide the same nutrients, nectarines are more susceptible to diseases that cause bacteria spots and quicken rotting. I’m all about limiting waste around my house, so if it spoils fast, I don’t want it around.

Peaches are a safe way to avoid bacteria spots. They are also a delicious way to add vitamin C to your diet. This fuzzy fruit contains about 15% of the suggested daily intake of vitamin C, a strong antioxidant essential to maintaining and healing the body. Vitamin C is... Read More »

DIY Natural Vapor Chest Rub with Essential Oils

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Let me share some remarkable information about smoothies which I found on the net you ought to look through

Cold and flu season is upon us once again. The beginnings of a cold – the congestion, achy body and head, runny nose – always have me reaching for a green smoothie. But once that cold has taken residence, you just have to kind of ride it out. Bleh. One of the most uncomfortable parts of being sick is chest and sinus congestion. We've partnered with Plant Therapy for this DIY Natural Vapor Chest Rub made with their top-quality essential oils.

Natural Vapor Chest Rub |

I don't buy a vapor chest rub anymore—I make it! It's easy to make, but the real benefit comes from knowing you are using something natural rather than a concoction full of unsafe chemicals and other icky things. Our DIY Natural Vapor Chest Rub uses 100% natural extra virgin coconut oil, shea butter, and essential oils. It's safe and effective. (Note: don't use on infants without first consulting with a healthcare professional!)

We love Plant Therapy essential oils because they are 100% pure, natural, and of the highest quality. In fact, Plant Therapy works directly with Robert Tisserand, a world renowned essential oil expert, and adheres to the strictest standards of quality in the essential oil industry.

Plant Therapy oils are selected from the producer after being vetted and the oil(s) tested 3-5 times for purity before being bottled in the Southern Idaho facility. Each bottle contains a tracking number that corresponds with information that is available on the website so consumers can see the testing results for themselves. All of this attention to detail and dedication... Read More »

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