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March Detox Contest

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March Detox Contest

The winds are blowing. We just rolled our clocks forward. Spring is virtually here! And spring is one of the best times to cleanse your body.

If you look at Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), spring is the best time to detoxify the body—specifically the liver. The primary biological reason is that nature supports cleansing the body during the spring season. As spring approaches, most people notice changes in their sleep and eating habits, along with their energy levels, mood, and even their senses. As these changes take place, the organs of the body are ready for cleanse, so any efforts to detox the liver and other organs are enhanced. Historically, people would eat lighter and would include wild foods such as nettles, dandelion and sorrel in the spring, which cleanse the liver and other organs of elimination.

Why We Need to Cleanse 

Thousands of toxic chemicals are released into our atmosphere each year. Still little is know about how they interact with each other and in our bodies. Our food is sprayed with chemicals unless we buy organic.  And chemicals are poured into our water. The average newborn has been shown to have 287 known toxins according to The Environmental Working Group.

A Time to Cleanse!

Think about how good you feel after a shower or a relaxing bath.  You can feel that clean and refreshed from the inside out when you do a cleanse. So as the weather turns a bit warmer and the sun pokes through the clouds, our bodies are ready to get rid of waste, parasites and toxins.

Here’s the March Detox Contest

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Do You Have a Toxic Liver?

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Do You Have a Toxic Liver?

The liver holds a key to efficient metabolism, weight control, bowel health, and detoxification. The liver is the major fat-burning organ in the body. Cleansing your liver can greatly improve weight loss and energy. When you regularly consume sweets and other processed carbohydrates, junk food, and other unhealthy foods and beverages, your liver converts these calories mostly to fat and stores it. Though not common, fat can build up in the liver, which can lead “fatty liver”.  When this happens, something has gone wrong in the process of metabolism. It is known that fat accumulates in the liver with a number of conditions, the most common being obesity. Fatty liver is also associated with diabetes mellitus, high triglycerides, and heavy use of alcohol.

The liver stores toxins in fat cells. The more toxins it stores, the more the liver functions are compromised. The liver can become congested just like the colon. When the liver is congested, excretion of bile is slowed down, and a person can be more prone to constipation. As toxins linger in the gut too long, some will be absorbed back into the bloodstream. Toxins circulating in the system can cause water retention in certain areas of the body, especially the thighs, hips, and arms because the body holds onto the extra water to dilute toxins. We notice these unsightly collections as cellulite. A cleansed, well-functioning liver can greatly facilitate the loss of cellulite and water weight.

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